welcome to malolos city, my town!

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Malolo City

Our town, Malolos, is just 45 kilometers north of Manila + you will be here in less than an hour coming from Trinoma.  It was also the capital of the province of Bulacan + became a city in 2002. It is considered the 115th city in the country + is just 30 minutes (I am guessing here, you know how I am with numbers!) away from Pampanga.

Malolos City, Barasoain Church

We are most famous for the historical Barasoain Church (a photo of which I sent out to my postcrossing friends a few months back), which played a very significant role in our country’s history +  the sinful decadent, Inipit (a type of pastry).

Other significant landmarks in our city includes the Kalayaan Tree, situated in front of the Malolos Cathedral + The Immaculate Conception School for Boys, Barasoain Museum, Museo ng Bulacan, the Casa Real Shrine + a host of most of the provincial government offices along with the Provincial Capitol office + ground.

If you visit, especially during the summer, you might want to try swimming in one of our resorts. You can choose between DJ Paradise Resort + Malolos Club Royale, or try out the other ones too! You might also want to visit Cabanas Mall or stroll in the Bulacan State University Campus or the provincial park.

I also recommend you try riding our very own mode of transportation, the Karatig, this is a modified owner-type passenger utility vehicle which is shorter than your normal Jeepney, it is only a 10-seater but coasts the main thoroughfares in the city + will bring you anywhere you want to go around town.

Shame I don’t have personal photos to share, maybe I should go around my town + take those snapshots!  Those snapshots will make good material for personalized postcards! Who’s with me? 😉

Come discover other towns here:

Note: Photos are from https://en.academic.ru/ + https://www.thefullwiki.org/Malolos_City

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  1. How nice of you to be living there in Bulacan! I think, if I remember it right, I used to memorize this place as one of the historical places in my History/Geography class back in elementary and high school. I hope to visit this place someday! 🙂

    Come visit our current haven: Stevens Point, WI– The City of Wonderful Water! See you while it’s summer! Lol.

  2. haven’t been there! sana pagmakapunta ako don, free accomodation sa inyu ate vix?LOL!ahihihI!

    dropping by from Tuesday Travels!

  3. hanggang makati lang ako sis, while naghihintay ng flight, hehehe… pero gusto ko ring pumasyal sa bulacan, yung SIL ko kasi ang napangasawa ay taga marilao… visiting you via TT!

  4. It sounds so near Metro Manila yet feels so far away. I haven’t been to Malolos but I think I’ve been to Meycauayan once. I honestly wanted to visit the churches here in the Philippines because of the history that surrounds and the architectural design. Maybe in the near future we could have a road trip there.

    Visiting via Tuesday Travels. Hope to see you in my second home Marikina City.

  5. we stopped by Barasoain and your capitol on our way to Pampanga a few years ago. I really had fun visiting your place. Hopefully, I can revisit it.

  6. wow another city in the Philippines for me to discover..dami talagang magandang lugar sa atin na worth visiting..sana I could step on your place one of these days!

  7. I haven’t been to Bulacan but I heard so many good things about the place…I have some relatives there too!

  8. Yes, i remember Barasoain church in my Philippine History class in elementary school. 🙂

    Thanks for joining last week’s Tuesday Travels theme.

    This week’s theme is: feature your favorite hang out (favorite mall, resort, park, resto, etc.)

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