when sahmone speaks #15: what I love about my father

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If there’s one trait of your father that you’ve always loved, what is that?

My father is a hard-working man, apart from being the best provider (of course, he just can’t provide us with every whim, but he made sure that all our needs are provided for, including our wants if we are lucky ;)).  He worked beyond his retirement years so he can send each of us to College. But I guess, the characteristic of my Papa that I will always love the most is that of him being a doting father! When we where younger, he would take photos of us, preferably with our medals from school adorning our necks. It really was kind of embarrassing when I was younger but now that I look back, I’d have to agree that children needed that kind of affirmation from their parents. It sort of served as an unspoken (since my father is not that showy + expressive of his emotions, unless he is mad!) praise or my Papa’s unique way of telling us that we are doing something good! It can also be kinda annoying at some point, but I tell you, you will miss it when it’s gone.

I can go on the entire day about my father’s traits, but I’ll just reserve it for meal time. My siblings + I love discussing about our parents come mealtime, it sort of helps us feel like they never really left, like they are just gone on this very loooong vacation! Plus, I don’t want to bore you with my long story, you can check out this article I’ve written, though, if you are so inclined, I’ll appreciate it much, too! 😉

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