30 seconds to mars live in manila!

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A few more days to go before 30 Seconds To Mars rock the Trinoma Mindanao Avenue Parking space + if you haven’t got your tickets yet, better go + get one now!Lucky me I was able to score tickets at 30% off from a recent online deal at CashCashPinoy.

This American band composed of Jared Leto (vocals, + did I mention we got Jared’s name from him? Jared’s dad so loves this band, you see!), Shannon Leto (on drums + percussions ), + Tomo Mili?evi? (lead guitar + keyboards).  Formed in 1995 + signed up in 1998, 30 Seconds to Mars has released 3 albums to date: 30 Seconds to Mars (2002), A Beautiful Lie (2005) + This is War (2009).

Check out this post about them on Jared’s blog!

I personally love their songs Closer to the Edge + Kings and Queens + will definitely enjoy listening to the rest of their beautiful, hard-rocking music with the Echelons come Friday night. Now, I just hope it won’t rain that day!

I leave you now with a message from band frontman, Jared Leto:

+ this cool photo I stumbled upon in Echelon Philippines‘ Facebook Fanpage:

images + video from https://www.futuretainmentinc.com/

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