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I received this pink mail a couple of weeks back + look what it has inside – the lovely + colorful stickers given to me by PMC sister, Sigrid, the mommy blogger behind Lovingly, Mama, Marriage Markers + a host of other blogs!

There was actually a funny anecdote behind the reason why I got these beautiful stickers (free of charge, mind you :)). One day sis Sigrid sent me a personal message on Facebook telling me that I won from her giveaway + knowing that I’d be winning one of those personalized colorful stickers from her online business, Innové Grafx, I was excited, of course. + then after a while, she PM’ed me again saying she made an honest mistake + thought me for someone else.

I told her that it was not a problem, but to my surprise she said she’ll be giving me free stickers anyway! So generous! She even made me choose from her available designs + give my personalized specifications! I excitedly choose among her lovely designs + decide on Eeyore for my stickers, + Ben10 for Sean + Hello Kitty for Shane. Since Jared won’t have no use for these stickers just yet, I decided to share it with my niece + nephew, they can put the stickers on their school stuff.

I received the items not long after that + I was so excited to share it with my niece + nephew. Jared was actually also excited when he saw the stickers + wanted to have some for himself 🙂

It even came with this cute note:

Thank you sis, Sigrid for this lovely gift, they sure does made me smile + I have actually put them to good use, in my budding new hobby, postcrossing:

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  1. wow, that’s really nice of her to do…and its nicely done! 🙂 visiting late from PF, have a great week. 🙂

  2. ay ako alam mo ba gumawa ako ng blog post nito sa giveaway na ito..
    shunga shunga ako..hindi ko pala na link entry ko..nong raffle na..la yung name ko..reklamo pa ako why wala akong entry eh my post ako nito..parang 2blogs pa nga eh..hahaha..ayun..
    purnada..hehehe..parang sa giveaway mo din..my entry ako pero hindi ko nalink..hehehe..ganyan ako lagi…
    Visiting from Pink Friday sis.. Here is my
    Pink Entry
    Hope you can join my Orange Tuesdays meme still open till Saturday.

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