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I sometimes think I have an eating disorder. Anyone knows what’s the opposite of bulimia?

I have always loved food + right after I gave birth I developed this humongous appetite (which I now blame for my unsightly mid-section :() that I now eat like a construction worker (no offense meant to those hard working men). I simply do not know why, but I really love rice soooo much that I’d consume up to 3 cups sometimes in a single meal! Especially when you pair it with my favorite dishes like sisig, bistek or my all-time favorite, chopsuey, I’d just sit + eat to my heart’s content, the problem + woes about the bulging mid-section thrown out the window.

That is why when I found out about this giveaway, I just knew I had to join.

Join’s First Anniversary Giveaway

Certified Foodies is turning 1 year old + they would like to celebrate + let their readers join in the celebration via Certified Foodies’ First Anniversary Giveway, where you can win cool prizes like gift certificates, food gift packs, cash prizes and even a food trip date with the foodie siblings! For details on how to join, simply click on the giveaway banner above.

Thanks to these generous sponsors who made this giveaway possible (+ did I mention Jared’s blog is one of the sponsors? :)):

Major Sponsors:

Be a Lifesaver Of GoodnessMy Pink WasabiOrange Magazine TVBarbie Dress Up Games
Pinoy Food BlogFilipino RecipesMy so-called world
One Day GraphicsI Am FilAmLife of a Filipina BloggerRishee Wishee

 Secondary Sponsors:

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 General Sponsors:

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Giveaway ends on 12 August, so hurry + join now!

Good luck everyone!

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