I was tucking my little one to bed earlier (or was it yesterday?) when an idea struck me! See, I have been toying with the thought of having another blog (as if I still can manage another one! :)).  I was thinking I’d blog about postcards + traveling + giveaways + whatnot in that blog. So earlier while making my son comfy in bed, I thought if I’d have another blog, I’d get the domain vixation.com (since, upon checking I found out that vix.com is no longer available), a play on my name + the word “fixation”. It will be one clever way to showcase my growing postcard collection in an organized manner. Hmmm, I guess will see in a few months if I saved enough to buy my own domain, or if Godaddy will go on sale again. Or better yet, I will just join this giveaway by The Filipina Wahm, the Dot Com Domain with Hosting Giveaway. She will be giving away 5 dot com domains to lucky participants.

Her giveaway end on 10 August + is made possible by the following generous sponsors:

  • The Filipina WAHM
  • The Movie Mommy
  • Eye for Fashion
  • Finds and Freebies
  • Our Dream House
  • All in One Woman
  • Caffeinated Muse
  • Feeling Traveler Aketch

Anyway, you can check out the contest page for more info! + let us keep our fingers crossed!

Good luck everyone ;)

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