Every year I look forward to my birthdays (well, who doesn’t, really?) + there simply is no need for grand celebrations or lavish gifts, just the thought of being given another year to enjoy life here on Earth is more than a reason enough to celebrate + be thankful.

I guess the best birthdays I have ever had are the ones I celebrated with my parents around. Not because these are grand celebration ’cause normally my Mama would just cook her specialty + my favorite, spaghetti (which happens to be soooo delicious, if you ask me, the best!) if I get lucky + we would just stay at home all day, doing practically nothing! Nothing really fancy, but I guess those simple pleasures are worth a ton of treasure, especially now that I can no longer spend my birthday with them (well, the ones spent visiting their graves aren’t really counted, right? :()

I also enjoyed that one birthday when my officemates threw a surprise party for me. I was genuinely surprised + was touched by the gesture + the thought.

Now that my son is around, instead of dwelling on the happy memories that bring mixed emotions, I plan to create new happy + unforgettable experiences with Jared + no, not with expensive presents but little, random, unexpected moments that creates lasting memories.

Now it is your turn to share your best birthday celebration ever here.

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