It is exactly 36 days before my birthday + I will be turning 32 (although I feel like I’ve stuck with 20 :D), I would normally wish for a good weather since usually my birthday month happens to be the peak season for bad weather, rain, flood and typhoon. If the sun is up in the sky on my birthday, I always thought it’s gonna be a good one. Plus it helps a great deal to lighten up + liven up my mood!  When I was younger I’d wish for something material + tangible, but, I guess, when you get older, those things lose their appeal on you + you tend to long for what’s most essential, like love + world peace, I think ;)

Well, let me see, how about I make a wishlist now, here goes:

  • I wish I’d have a birthday cake + blow some candles ;)
  • Maybe I’d wish we’d have a great celebration for my son’s birthday. My birthday happens to be 2 days before his, see.  I plan to go some place out of town, + only hopes the weather cooperates
  • I wish for good health for my family, especially my son.
  • I wish to be a good mother to Jared + raise him well so he will achieve his full potential someday soon
  • I wish for another 30 more years so I can stay long enough to change my grandchildren’s diapers :D
  • I wish to make the most of what the ALL gave me + have fun doing it!

That turned out longer than I expected + I just realized it is quite enjoyable making wishes, maybe I should do this often. + it will probably be loads better if all my wishes came true. I am keeping my fingers crossed ;)

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