happy saturday everyone!

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I’ve been up since 4am earlier, planning to update this baby + do some other businesses online before the little boy wakes up. + what do you know? It is now 7am on my clock + I haven’t updated or posted a single new entry. Mea Culpa! I have been busy browsing through my wall in Facebook, checking on the latest on my friends + the groups which I am a part of. Teehee!

I was out yesterday afternoon, see. I finally managed to visit the post office + mailed loads of postcards to my postcrossing friends. (If you happen to be one, see if your name is included in the complete list here). I was just wondering what is it about preferring stamps over its metered counterpart. ‘Cause everytime I go to the post office + tell the clerk that I want stamps on my postcards instead, she would instantly frown as if in disgust! It happened twice already with the same clerk, it was a good thing I was in a rather good mood yesterday. I won’t probably be all that nice the next time she does that + I might just give here some tongue-lashing (which she actually deserves!). I do not know if it was too much of a trouble to her to count a number of stamps, tear it + hand it to me. I’ll be the one to paste them one by one on my postcards, anyway! Isn’t that part of her job? + is it not my constitutional rights to complain about her to the manager the next time she gives me that kind of service? Gaah, this was supposed to be a happy post, right? Okay, I promise to stop thinking about the irksome postal clerk!

In the meantime, I will get some work done to tick off some items on my to-do list + leave you with that beautiful photo I got from Fotolia a couple of weeks back. + then I shall be spending some time offline to play with the little man + enjoy the rest of our day. We are stuck at home on this lovely, sunny + hot Saturday, what’s best to do? Leave your suggestions on my comment box, I’d be happy to read them, TIA 😀

Happy Saturday one + all! 😉

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  1. Happy Saturday too sis Vix! It’s already Sunday there now, so happy Sunday as well. 🙂 Dropping-by and followed thru GFC, NetworkedBlogs as well as like your page on Facebook. Drop EC na din. 🙂 Will do this on ur other blog too! Have a great day!

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