joining you like me! friday blog hop for the first time

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Blog hopping (especially when I have all the time to do it!) is really so much fun + a rather enjoyable activity to do. I love discovering new blogs + making new friends with other people in the blogosphere, so when I stumble into this fun Blog Hop I simply cannot resist but join.

Friday Blog Hop is hosted by A Mommy’s Blog Design Studio + here are the easy-peasy rules of the game:

1. Blog hops are good way to mingle with other bloggers + build up your following, too.

2. Make a welcome post + include the hop’s badge

3. Add your blog to the linky.

4. Drop by + visit other blogs in the linky. Leave a comment to let them know you are a new follower + ask them to visit you back.

Simple, right? So what are you waiting for? On with the blog hop! ūüėČ

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