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It’s that time again to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who took the time out to visit + leave their heart-warming comments here in my blog. Without further ado,  my Top 10 Commenters for June are (drum roll, please :D):

  1. Beauty Queen Gene Beauty Queen Gene (6)
  2. gagay gagay (4)
  3. raya raya (4)
  4. Clarissa Clarissa (3)
  5. Gene Gene (3)
  6. The Pepperrific Life The Pepperrific Life (3)
  7. Trish Trish (3)
  8. Vhen Vhen (3)
  9. grace grace (2)
  10. Janice Janice (2)

Thank you so much guys,  I look forward to seeing you back here soon! In the meantime, I shall be putting the Top 3’s badge on my sidebar as a token of my appreciation 😀

Note: I have not found a badge in Beauty Queen Gene‘s site, please let me know if it is okay for me to use the badge for GT instead or if you have a new one, all the better. Same goes with Raya. Kindly send me your codes so I can add them to my sidebar soon. Thanks ever so much 😀

image from https://www.kelloggforum.org

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    1. I must agree, the first thing i check when i open my blogs are the comments, they sure brighten up my day 🙂

      1. Me as well. Love to see comments at my blog and at my Facebook page as well. Hmm, that being said, I must integrate Facebook comments at my blog!

        And thanks for the comment at my blog as well. Appreciated!

    1. yup, cause you’re included in my top 3 commenters! i’ll be sending you a postcard soon, too. thanks for always stopping by 😀

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