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It seems like a lifetime ago when I last joined this pink meme + today I am excited to write about my pink share 😀

I have been frequenting this new site,, of late. It came as quite a surprise that this rockin’ rock gods chose pink to be the banner color of their new site, but I love it! + I think the color combi rocks 😉  They have chock full of the latest tidbits + news on my favorite band. They also show live interview and impromptu performance from the band. A lot of fans from all over the US are flocking the head quarters, which is said to be located somewhere in California, to see the boys! Heck, if I live around the neighborhood, I’d probably spend my afternoon, yep with Jared tuck in my arms, at the new incubus digs! ;D

Earlier, I was able to watch a live streaming of the band’s Morning View Top to Bottom performance. Tomorrow, they will be playing something else. So I will make sure to check out the site regularly! This is a great warm up for their upcoming Manila concert in 28 July! I just can’t wait + I really need to brush up on the old songs’ lyrics as I have forgotten some of them!

So, to all the incu-nutters out there, check out the HQ whenever you can. You just don’t know what might be in store for you 🙂

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    1. thanks for stopping by, i was really taken by the color 🙂 heading to your entry next. i am so guilty, i have not done my rounds of the PF entries 🙁

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