my top 10 emerging influential blogs 2011

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Emerging Influential Blogger 2011

Ms. Janet Toral’s Top 10 Influential Blogs 2011 writing project is on it’s 5th year run. It seeks to identify emerging + new blogs that are making waves to its readers + followers this year.

It would probably be every bloggers dream to be tagged as influential, after all bloggers has the means to reach out to so many people through their blogs + somehow, influence them in more ways than I can ever imagine.

For this year, these blogs top my list:

  1. My Green Living Ideas – I guess the name speaks for itself + as an advocate of green living, this blog is a shoe-in. It offers loads of information on eco-friendly products + tips on how to start living a green life.
  2. Mom Writes  –  This blog aims to chronicle one mum’s happy thoughts + happy memories in the  midst of one too many sad + stressful experiences.  I guess, we can all use a little amount of happiness in our lives.
  3. LEVYousa – this is one happy blog, and yes, you are right, you’ve heard the term before, Harry Potter book 1, remember? I guess this is the authors unique way of channeling her inner Potter! I simply love her message: Live life to the fullest!
  4. The Bloggers Journal – for a struggling new blogger  like myself, this blog is a goldmine. It shares a lot of helpful tips about blogging + I am definitely learning a lot from the posts. I subscribed to its feeds, by the way, so I’ll be updated of here every posts
  5. Mommy Survival Guide – best for first time mums like me, it is chock full of tips + information on how to survive this one mean jungle called motherhood.
  6. The Tottering Mama – I first stumble upon this blog in one of the mommy memes i used to regularly join. With the way she weaves her posts and shares her story, you’d hardly believe she’s a newbie blogger
  7. Notepad Corner – I simply love this site for the insights + the helpful tips from someone who’ve “been-there-done-that”
  8. The Pepperrific Life – A single mum’s tale + her blog is filled with tips on how to deal with such situation.
  9. Certified Foodies – What can I say, I simply love food + I look forward to every mouth-watering post from this site.
  10. My Painted Lips – I am not really into cosmetics + all that, but one look at this blog + you’ll agree why it made it to my list 🙂
List  down your Top 10 emerging influential blogs for this year + ge t a chance to win $100!
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