Of Pain Monsters + Friday plans going bad{?}

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I was just contemplating on what to do + where to go yesterday, I was rather disappointed at the turn of events last Thursday, when I was not able to go the event I have been planning to go to since the time I read about it. And, yes, I did not get to watch Harry Potter + The Deathly Hallows, either, on its first showing day! The only saving grace is that I was able to spend some quality time with my son + he enjoyed our playtime so much.

I guess, to make me feel a little better, my brother agreed to look after the little man so I can take some time off alone. So I thought I’d go to my old dorm to visit some of my friends that I have not seen for quite some time now. It turned out that everyone else is out somewhere on a Friday afternoon + I made a mental note to send them a message before I drop by + brave the Friday afternoon traffic next time. Going to Market!Market! was a last minute decision, since it is just one jeepney ride from my old home in Guadalupe + I never want to let all of my efforts so far to go to waste. Plus, I miss the place. I have never been there in quite a while + a quick visit wouldn’t be so bad! So off I went…

When I arrived, the place is jostling with Friday activities + full of people going about. The place is packed, as usual. I spotted a cafe across, it piqued my attention so I dropped by for a quick visit. Kape Isla turned out to be one peaceful haven in the midst of all the rushing crowd. Its welcoming ambiance made me stay longer than I originally planned. I sampled their mushroom burger + the salad that goes along with it, + it was heaven! (Sorry, this hungry adventurer was indeed quite hungry, I forgot to take photos of the food + the place itself :D).  Apart from serving delicious sandwiches, they also sell eco-friendly products, like Messy Bessy lines of green cleaners + other interesting items.

When I finished my burger (which did not take that long, mind you) I decided to take a look around the products they sell and head back to Market!Market! for some more browsing + hopefully a serving of halo-halo from Razon’s ūüėÄ

The windy weather makes my trip to this place very timely, plus it couldn’t have been any better, thanks to the great view of the full moon (I have never gone moon-watching in a while).¬† I do not want to be out much longer lest the little man will miss me, so I decided I would look around + browse at the stalls + leave in 30 minutes, when a lady gave me that notice pictured above. I got curious + waited for what’s happening next. And it turned out, that I was in for another encounter with the Pain Monsters (I have written a post about their video which I saw on Youtube a few weeks back) + this time I will be seeing them in the flesh, in all their colorful + painful glory! ūüėÄ


The video I saw a couple of weeks back was so interesting so I immediately got my camera out + took one, too! Jared will surely enjoy watching them, now I’m wishing I tagged him along. Well, you must remember that it was this mum’s first time to ever took a video + had the guts to post it online, so please bear with me! I did not even come prepared that I was not able to capture the entire thing. My digicam can only take videos for 9 minutes¬† or so +¬† when I was about to continue taking videos after the first 9 minutes lapsed, the darn thing said “Card Full”, so talk about plans going bad today, huh? I had plenty!

Attack of the Pain Monsters Thwarted by Advil

The Pain Monsters paraded one by one in their techni-color, larger-than-life glory: one with a mallet, the other one with a foreboding lightning-shaped metal, another one with a club + the lady monster with a whip! Scary if you ask me, some of the little ones behind me are coiling into their mums’ arms in response. Headache, Body Pain, Toothache + Dysmenorrhea are here + ready to wreak havoc with the people around them! Good thing one mighty Tablet came to the people’s rescue, but he simply is no match to the 4 menacing monsters + they defeated the poor tablet in no time. What to do now? Do you mean to say people would just have to live with the Pain Monsters? Such a pain, really!

The Advil Liqui-gel Team

Now, out of nowhere, a group of 3 dynamic young people came + fought the Pain Monsters. The 4 villains are no match to their laser guns + laser swords. The Advil Liqui-gel Trio defeated the Pain Monsters easily + in record time. They started cowering + ran away to hide! Long live the Advil Liqui-Gel Team!

some Advil samples that I took home

The newly formulated Advil Liqui-Gel (Ibuprofen), now comes in a green, liquid gel for fast + effective pain relief. It is best for fever and pains due to colds, flu, toothache + headache, sore throat. It is also the best relief for muscular ache, minor arthritis pain, backache + pains from menstrual cramp. Simply take 1 softgel capsule every 4 to 6 hours whilst symptoms persist. Advil is a safe + effective pain reliever prescribed by doctors for millions worldwide.

Pain is really something I cannot tolerate. The less I do with it, the better! After the show, I took home some of the samples that were given out, you never know when they may come handy,  right? + with long hours spent in front of the computer, I can really sense some major headaches coming!

Well, so ends my impromptu mum-me-time. It has been awhile since I had one + I enjoyed it much.  The weekend is not yet over so I could probably plan something for Sunday! I only hope my brother will agree to look after the little angel whilst mum heads for yet another solo adventure. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

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    1. yup, truly something both young + old can enjoy! true, i guess sometimes it is all a matter of perspective, come to think of it ūüôā

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