potter alert: the deathly hallows part 2 london premiere

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“Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home” ~ JK Rowling

Don’t you just wish you were with those several thousands of Harry Potter fans in Trafalgar Square in London to witness this epic premiere of our beloved series, the best premiere the UK has ever seen? I sure did!

Well, too bad Trafalgar Square is eon miles away from where we are. Glad my bro, who is the most Harry Potter hardcore of all my siblings, found this almost-four-hour video streaming of the most celebrated London premiere. Enjoy ­čśë

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  1. Love to be there :D. Very much excited, 2 more days to go, although the scenes in HP series is a bit different from the ones written in the book, kakaexcite pa rin! I am really an HP fanatic ­čśÇ

    1. yup, i am actually on the edge of my seat for several days now in anticipation. let’s see how they managed to pull off the last book, i am betting it will wonderful (kahit meron mga scenes that are not in the book!) ­čÖé

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