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I finally managed to finish writing on all my postcards + just yesterday went down to the post office to have them mailed. Here’s my mailing list:

1. Local

  • Sheng Apuhin, Bacolod City
  • Daniel Kian Cai, Bagui City
  • Maerose Semeña, Quezon City
  • Rubz Ricafrente, Cagayan de Oro City
  • Fe Mangaliag, Laguna
  • Gene Corbito, Marikina City
  • Jenny SD, Baguio City

2. International

  • Clarissa Sasaki, Japan
  • Jessica Nuis, The Netherlands
  • Igor Mustac, Italy
  • Mel Cole, PA, USA
  • Genny Kendall, NC, USA
  • Nita Thomas, WH, USA
  • Willa Stock, Canada
  • Stephanie Johnson, MA, USA
  • Patrick Stock, Canada
  • Cheerful Dimaculangan, Cambodia
  • Demcy Dias, TX, USA
  • Jes Lising, AK, USA
  • Gibson Rowe, MI, USA
  • Tera Rowe, MI, USA

Saw your name on the list? I hope I make you one happy postcrosser when you get the card I sent 😀

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    1. i hope you like what i sent, sis. will be looking for more interesting postcards so i can send you another one soon 🙂

    1. you are most welcome mommy Clarissa! I always look forward to receiving your very kawaii postcards + the equally cute stamps! bless you 🙂

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