sunday stealing: the plaid hat meme

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Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. When showering, do you start the water and then get in, or get in then start the water? Get in + start the water, I’ll be wasting much water if do it otherwise.

2. Have you ever showered with someone of the opposite sex? Yes!

3. Were you ever been forced to shower with one of your siblings? Nope!

4. Have you ever dropped your soap on your foot? At one time, I think!

5. How old do people say you look? Younger than my actual age, which I think is a good thing ;D

6. How old do you act? 20 years old 🙂

7. What’s the last song you sang? Terrified, that song with Zachary Levi in it

8. Have you recently become a member of anything? Yup, I just signed up with ClubZed to win some Harry Potter movie tickets 🙂

9. What are your plans for next weekend? Catch Harry Potter in the cinema + that exhibit in Shangri-La Mall

10. Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed? Either way, depending on my mood

11. Whats the sexiest thing about Sarah Palin? Her brilliant mind

12. Who’s the sexiest famous woman alive? I’d go for Julia Roberts

13. Who’s the sexiest famous man alive? Brandon Boyd (sorry, I know am being biased!)

14. Does your family have a crazy uncle? Nope.

15. Have you ever smuggled something into another country? Never.

16. Do you live in a city with a good sports team? We do not have a sports team, unfortunately!

17. What is the most unusual? To not see me in front of the computer late at night.

18. How do feel about the Goth people? They are cool!

19. Can you fix or your significant other your own car? I now nothing about cars!

20. Would you want to kill Casey Anthony yourself if you were guaranteed to get away with it? Maybe not, but I’d definitely want to see her beyond bars + pay for what happened to poor little Caylee!

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