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How do you get your child  to sleep/take nap during the day?

Gone are the days when Jared would simply fall asleep after bathtime + after finishing a bottle filled with his favorite concoction, his milk! I miss those days when he’d automatically dose off after handing me his empty bottle, right after I have finished putting on his diapers and his fresh, clean clothes for the day. It used to be our routine for quite sometime + something that I totally enjoyed!

Nowadays, he’d find a gazillion distractions to keep him from taking his noontime nap. Here are a few that he has tried so far in his attempt to thwart the sleeping fairy from carrying him to dreamland:

  • He would ask me, or anyone inside the room,  to bring him outside. Jared loves the outdoor and would jump at any chance to be out even if it is his naptime.
  • He’d motioned for his toys so I won’t have no choice but to give in + hand him the toy that he requested. The usual requests include his toy cars + his blocks.
  • He would ask to play with  my pens, which are his current plaything. He would adeptly remove the caps + put them back on. He would also poke holes into his playpen or scribble on anything he fancies with his pen + that includes mum’s big thighs, too! 😉
  • He’d throw a fit, you’d give in to anything just so he would stop! Yes, he has quite a peculiar way of convincing people to give in to his requests.

Oftentimes, we’d argue ’cause he simply won’t fall asleep, but the trick really is to simply lie down beside him + sleep beside him, that way he’d have the soundest + the longest naptime.

Just last Saturday, he was his usual boisterous self + refuses to take a nap as usual you’d think he wasn’t sleepy in anyway.  What I did is carry him to bed + lie beside him, a few minutes after my little angel is sleeping soundly. I guess nothing beats the familiar warmth + feel of mum beside him to make him fall asleep faster. Such sweet gesture really, it reduced me to tears….

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  1. just after reading the title of the entry, i already have something in mind to recommend you…good thing, it turned out that you already fir=gured it out…it is true, once we lay beside them, they eventually fell asleep…works well even with bigger kids (AKA Daddy, LOL!)

    visiting you from VB.

  2. How I wish it’s that easy with Una. She seldom naps in the afternoon now. If she happen to take a nap in the afternoon, she’ll end up sleeping after midnight.

  3. correct moomy vix! that’s what i did too when my son was about jared’s age. i had to sleep with him. buti na lang wala pa akong online career noon! LOL! kundi, mae-expire mga tasks ko! LOL! now that i have a small baby again, i’m back to square one! visiting here!

  4. Hi! Georyl who’s turning two years in September is being breastfed by her mom until now. I understand she easily falls asleep at feeding time. Bdw thanks for the visit. I like your site.

    1. thanks for stopping by, mommy Dens! you are such a cool mom + granny. if my parents were around, i’d definitely convince them to start a blog of their own 🙂

  5. How I miss Georyl , my first grandchild (by my eldest doter now staying abroad ) everytime i read topics about kids . The picture of Jared on his back reminds me of her favorite position when she’s asleep.Hugs & Kisses to the kids. ( It’s ok if you call me Mommy Dens.)

  6. haha, that’s just a start sooner you’ll be racing with each other, old follower too.. liked and followed thru FB Networked too, thanks Vix 🙂

    1. naku i needed stronger bones mommy Josie, when he is left alone he dashes out of the house, barefoot! kaya kailangan mabilis ako tumakbo! thanks for the like, i guess I’m done doing the same thing for your blog 🙂

  7. Same here. Julie would always ask me to stay beside her whenever it’s her nap time and few minutes later, she’d be off to lala land.

    Hopping from When SAHM-one Speaks meme. Hope you could visit mine too if you haven’t. ^_^

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