weekend blog follower caravan #18

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It is time again for the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan + for this week’s edition, we are to subscribe to each others feeds via e-mail. We could all use additional subscribers, right? Please be such a doll + subscribe to my feeds, it’s just there on the side 😀

So here the tasks of the week:

  1. Subscribe to our sponsors’ blogs via e-mail + do not forget to confirm
  2. Make a welcome post for other WBFC #18 participants to leave their comments on. Include the badge in your post, too.
  3. When visiting, comment on the participant’s welcome post if you’ve subscribed + confirmed. If in case you are already subscribed, leave a comment still to let them know you dropped by.
  4. Do not forget to confirm you subscription as it will not be considered valid if you fail to do so.

+ don’t forget that our generous host, Mommy Rubz, is giving away $5 to 2 lucky participants each week + $25 Paypal cash plus a sidebar banner ad is up for grabs for 1 very lucky joiner at the end of the month, so waste no more time + join our caravan! The linky closes in 3 days time, so join, if you haven’t already!

See you around 😉

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  1. subscribe via shngkyshk(at)yahoo(dot)com sis..
    gagawa pa lang ako ng entry ko..hahahaha..tsaka dahil sa WP ito..I have to figure out pa kong pano ko install si feedburner..

  2. hello, visiting and subscribing. Hope you can visit my site and comment on my post too.

    A Waterless Solution


    1. thanks so much! am now doing my rounds of the wbfc entries + will be down in your blog to subscribe in a while. have a great one, too! 🙂

    1. Hello Daryll, this is actually the first time i encountered that problem, wbfc participants have been subscribing since this weekend + so far no one raised such concern. I hope you will be able to subscribe to my feeds. Many thanks, heading to your blog next 🙂

  3. subscribed and confirmed using cancerianpinay{at}gmail{dot}com

    Dalaw ka naman sa blog ko sis…late na kasi nagsubscribe hehhehehe

    1. Hello Mommy Cielo, thanks for subscribing. will be visiting your blog later pag tulog na ang Jared..hehe! d ko pa din tapos mag-subscribe + am planning to finish it later tonight before mag-join ng other memes pa! mwah!

    1. i am done visiting every single entry in last week’s caravan, so yes, i am a follower of your blog 🙂

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