a friday with 30 seconds to mars + pink raincoats

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On Friday, 29 July it was Jared’s dad’s turn to watch  his favorite band, 30 Seconds To Mars, play at the Trinoma Mindanao Open Parking. He’s always loved that band + I was lucky enough to score some discounted tickets online (check out my post about it here). It was my little surprise for him 😉

Jared’s dad will be coming from work that day so I had to travel Manila-bound on my own. It was a rainy afternoon + luckily Ken agreed to keep an eye out on my little man for another one of these few mommy-times!

I was in Trinoma in no time + we made a beeline for the concert venue entrance. I actually came across the Security person I met the night before at the Incubus concert (he was from Bulacan too + we rode the same fx from Cubao) + he was so surprised to see me. He actually hollered at me + said “Parang kilala kita ah?”  (I think I know you) + he couldn’t seem to believe that I am watching this show too, after I’ve watched Incubus play last night. Well, I guess I was just lucky! Rock ‘n roll! 🙂

So, anyway, it was still early, the sun is still up + we went + searched for the Silver Ticket entrance. It was kinda awkward since most of the crowd lining up to enter the concert venue are teeners ( I thought we were the oldest in the crowd + was so relieved to see older couples arriving, too! :D)

this photo is a bit blurry

I had a quick snack + was glad McDonalds’ has several booths inside the venue. The downside is that they only sell burgers + apple pie (I think). I had no choice but settle for the burger.

We managed to snap some photos + look around the place afterwards + not long after that, rain started to pour. It went from a drizzle to a heavy shower to a downpour that we have no choice but to run for covers. Thanks to Smart for the tents they set up there, it prevented us from getting soaked to our skins.  But after a while, we decided to grab some raincoats to keep ourselves dry. The raincoats sell at P200 (about $5)  apiece from one of the booths there. Here’s a photo of me in my pink coat (Jared’s dad got the yellow one):

Utilities are mopping up the concert stage + it took awhile before the show started. For a while there it looked like the rain has no sign of letting up + the crowd is contemplating whether the show will be cancelled!

But thank heavens for little mercy, the rain quieted down to a drizzle + the show commenced an hour later. The crown clad in colorful raincoats gathered near the stage + in our case near the barricade that separated the Silver Ticket section.Kjwan opened the show + it was the beginning of one rockin’ + rollin’ evening! Personally, I do not like this band + do not recognize most of their songs but I have to give it to them for giving a good show despite of being rained down.

A couple of  more minutes and several cleaning + mopping of the floor, Shannon Leto appeared on stage + did his magic on his drums, followed by Tomo Mili?evi? on his screaming guitar +, finally, Jared Leto (clad in a cape-like costume which reminded me so much of  Silas, in Da Vinci Code) taking the stage by storm! Jared also thanked the crowd for coming to their show that night as he is aware that my fave band, Incubus, played the night before (+ I think I am beginning to love this guy more ;)). He also mentioned a couple of Filipino words like Ikaw na! (a famous expression nowadays) + mahal (which is our vernacular for love) + the crowd went even crazier!

I hardly know any of their songs, mostly I just remember parts of the choruses but it did not stopped me from enjoying the show + having a great time. This band is a blazing ball of energy when they perform that it rubs on every single person in the crowd. Not to mention Jared actually eggs everyone to rock out, get real crazy + just have a good time! Which we all did!

Jared’s dad was jumping up + down + was just totally having a rockin’ good time! We were all soaked + dripping wet by the end of the show but we could not care less! It was my first time to watch a concert in the pouring rain + I kinda enjoyed it! Maybe I should do it more often, what do you think?

The show finished earlier than we expected + we thought they played only too few songs. But it was all good + I’d probably be watching them again if they come down for another show.

Here’s their setlist for the night:

  • Escape
  • A Beautiful Lie
  • Attack
  • Search and Destroy
  • This Is War
  • 100 Suns
  • Vox Populi
  • L490(Shannon Leto on acoustic guitar)
  • Hurricane(Acoustic)
  • Alibi(Acoustic)
  • The Kill(Bury Me) (Acoustic)
  • Night of the Hunter
  • Closer To The Edge
  • Kings + Queens (encore)

30 Seconds To Mars, Ikaw na!

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  1. Nice! A date with the mister! Ang mahal naman ng kapote nila! Magandang quality ba?

    It’s been so long since I last went to a big concert like that. The last was during Eraserheads’ first reunion concert. I was hugely pregnant with Una then, around 2008. Tagal na!

    1. Naku expensive nga sis, kung hindi lang kami mababasa di na sana kami bibili e. Pang-second ko na ito this year, the first was sa Incubus (have yet to post on it :))
      I was at the E-heads reunion concert ung first din. Yung second ako hindi nakapanood kc I was very pregnant with Jared at that time 🙂

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