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kids, babies, allergies

It is best to be aware of your child’s risk at allergies so you would know how to manage it + deal with it properly. That is why when I saw this ad about KIDS Allergy-O-Meter in  my Facebook’s sidebar, I did not hesitate to check it out. Knowing that my son is a little sensitive (not to mention more susceptible to allergies as most babies born via C-section), I can use all the help I can get about allergies, alleviating them + preventing them altogether (if it were possible).

The link directed me to the MomCenter site + this is what appeared when I clicked the Begin button:

kids, babies, allergiesIt is a well-known fact that a child’s risk to allergies can very well be connected with his parent’s very own allergic reactions. Using this tab, I was prompted to enter my + Jared’s dad’s (+ in some other cases, you will also be prompted to include allergies experienced by your other children) experience with different types of allergies. I had a few on several occasions + Jared’s dad has his share, too.

Here is the result:

kids, babies, allergies

Jared has about 60-80% risk at allergy. Somehow, I expected it, as his allergies actually manifested earlier on in his infant days which resulted to him taking a lactose-free formula until he was a year old.  We have also delayed giving him solids so as to prevent further allergies from manifesting earlier than necessary, as per his pedia’s advice. We’ve also purchased a nebulizer to be on the ready in case coughs + colds as severe as he experienced in May happens again, which I hope will never happen again 🙁

It was no good news, but at least I am now aware of it + can take some necessary precautions to prevent him from having allergies.

Go ahead + check out your child’s risk at allergy. Simply visit Momcenter + look for the KIDS Allergy-O-Meter’s tab.

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