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I have always loved words.  They have fascinated me much just like magic + mysteries ever since I was a little girl.  They seem to leap from the pages of my favorite books + prance around me in an odd parade of random letters forming familiar words.

But, somehow, when I became a mum my vocabulary was altered by leaps + bounds + is now peppered by monosyllables (+ sometimes, guttural ;)) courtesy of my little man. That is why it is no surprise that when asked what my favorite word is, this one instantly popped into my bubble thought:



 It was originally coined by my son to denote his feeding bottles, but I have noticed lately that everything pertaining to his immediate requests + concerns are summarized by this word.  He could either mean he wants milk, to be carried or to go out of the room + eventually out of the house + heaven-knows what else 🙂  What makes it all the more cute is the way he pronounce it, giving emphasis on both D‘s (much like how a Brit would do it!) + saying it with that much urgency in it that you will be sure to follow his wish!

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