home remedies for my baby

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What home remedies have you tried for your baby so far? Did it work? Would you rather choose this over the prescribed medicines by your Pedia?

I actually wince whenever my son’s pedia gives us a prescription, thinking it won’t only burn a hole in our pockets as prices of prescription medicine don’t come cheap but more because of the fact that it is actually quite an ordeal making Jared take his meds. He’d either adamantly say “No” in his own little way or throw it up the moment it touches his tongue.

If I would actually have my way, I’d never want him to take any synthetic drugs and medicine, but I am not the one to experiment at this time since my son is still very young. So, much to my discomfort and dismay (since I am not really too fond of taking pills myself) I buy what my son’s pedia prescribed just so Jared gets better the soonest.

I know a few mums who give herbal or home remedies to their children + maybe when Jared is a bit bigger I’d be braver to experiment on them, too! For now, his pedia is my best friend when it comes to the medications my son take. It is a good thing to note, though, that his pedia gives us alternatives and option, too, proffering those medicines that she personally tried + tested on her children.

What are your thoughts on home remedies for babies? Share it here at When SAHM-one Speaks.

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