letters that i’ll never send 01: dear weightgain

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Dear bulging mid-section + unwanted extra pounds,

I know I have been in a semi-sedentary lifestyle of late, + coupled it with a monstrous appetite, thus the unexplainable weight gain + the unsightly bulging (looks like am 4 months pregnant) tummy! I also know that to keep you at bay, I have to move my overweight body around a bit more + shake off the flab! Oftentimes, I am just way too lazy to begin stretching + do some yoga poses, other times, I just do not have the energy left to do it or the time in the world to insert in into my already full-to-the-brim day-to-day schedule. More often, I am just looking for excuses + alibis to put it off.

But, I have been looking at myself more often lately + the mid-section is simply too big to miss + I must admit, it is a little bit disturbing. Okay, very disturbing! I wish I can wish all the bulge off! I hope I can muster enough energy to move around and lose you or somehow manage to keep the appetite to a minimum…

But, in the meantime, maybe as a little birthday gift to me, would you mind keeping yourself in check + stop getting bigger + bigger by the day? I’d really appreciate it, + am sure my pants + my shirts will also appreciate the gesture. Thanks ūüôā

~ From the fat mum who is just to lazy to work out or go on diet

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