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 ” love as i see it is being in the arms of the one you hold the most dear ~ there is simply no better place in the world”

This photo is one of our “mum + Jared” photos that I love best. It was taken on my son’s first birthday last year + Jared’s dad took this snapshot before I put on Jared’s birthday clothes! My son, oblivious to the chaos that is pre-party jitters and last-minute preparations, leans his head lazily on mum’s shoulder + for me everything fades into the background. Nothing is more pressing + nothing means the most to me than this not-so-little bundle of joy! And nothing beats the feeling of having my little man in my arms, my little piece of Heaven here on earth! My life changed in more ways I can ever imagine when he came into my life + I have never known true love until I found out that I was to become a mother very soon. I loved him the first time I found out I was pregnant!

I guess motherhood, in more ways than one, is the perfect epitome of love – a selfless kind of love, when the world no longer revolves around you + your concerns but around this little angel that you had the fortune of being entrusted with + you vow to nurture him, to protect him + to put his needs and welfare well and above your own.

A few more days + my son will be celebrating his second birthday! Has it been a year already? Well, time does fly when one is having fun + there is more to be had, after all we’ve barely just begun + we’ve got a long, long way to go…

This is my entry to “Love as I see it”. A project of flowers Philippines.

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