NIce To Know Youw Wednesday, weekly meme

Hello everyone! It is Wednesday once again + it is time for another edition of NKTYW. Before anything else, I’d like to start off with a big thank you to all those who participated last week: sissies Mitch + Shengkay, Chie Wilks, Ice + Jade Ingua. I really had loads of fun reminiscing my preggie days through your entries. Thanks :)

Our questions for this week are inspired by this Papemelroti Memo Pad I received during the PMC Grand Eyeball last April.  This was given by honorary mommy member, sis Ria.

The questions:

1. Where do you find tranquility?

2. Where do you eat like a horse?

3. Where do you zonk out?

4. Where is your jungle?

5. Where does your joy come from?

My answers:

1. Back in the days I find tranquility in the written pages of my journal where I used to pour in every bit of my thoughts + worries, I also used to find tranquility whenever I am in my Yoga mat coming down from one post to another. Those were my own personal form of prayers + they never fail to comfort me + bring my mind at peace. I so missed those days (When I find the time I’d like to go back to Yoga + do it seriously this time + enroll in a class (I found one near my place a few months back!). Fast forward to now, I guess nothing will ever bring the most tranquility than looking into my little child’s innocent eyes. He is my little piece of heaven here on Earth, my little piece of bliss.

2. I almost eat like a horse all the time, but it is best to do it in the comfort of my own home. It is most comfortable that way + the least expensive, won’t you agree ;)

3. No other perfect place to zonk out apart from my own bed, beside my little man who is sleeping sound like an angel as I write this :)

4. My own room is my own little jungle, with nooks + crannies serving as uncharted territories as far as the little man is concern. It can be surprising + lurking with dangerous things at times with unusual suspects lying harmlessly on the floor, that I best keep guard to be sure that the little one is safe all the time.

5. I find joy in the simplest of things: random acts of kindness, a forwarded message or a simple hello from a dear friend I have not seen in a long while, or hearing an old-forgotten favorite song I’ve not heard in a while, + of late, laughter + wails + loads of random wet kisses from my little man :)

I’m looking forward to reading your answers. Remember to include the badge (check out the badges here) in your entry + post your linky here. Don’t forget to visit + leave your comment love to other participants as well!

Thanks + Nice to know you! :)

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