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NTKYW, meme

I do apologize that I am posting my questions a day late this week. This mum has been busy with offline duties that I was not able to schedule a post for this week’s NTKYW edition.

Anyway, on with our 5 questions for the week + since it is my birthday week, I have some birthday queries here that I’d love for you to answer:

  1. How do you usually celebrate your birthday?
  2. This year, what are you planning to do to make your birthday celebration different?
  3. What was the best birthday gift you received ever?
  4. What is your dream birthday celebration {you can elaborate if you wish ;)}?
  5. What are your birthday wishes for this year?
My answers:
  1. I would just normally eat out with Jared’s dad {when Jared’s not yet around} or file vacation from work so I can do whatever I fancy on my big day {which normally includes loads of dosing off, or strolling at the mall or practically doing nothing :)}
  2. I actually wanted to spend a bit of alone-time on my birthday to make it different since I scarcely get any now that I am a mum, I remember spending my last birthday doing some last minute errands for my son’s own birthday celebration {it was a good thing I managed to squeeze in having a pedicure + a much-needed haircut afterwards :)} but I guess more than anything, the most ideal will be to spend it with my little one, maybe we’d eat out + stroll a bit in the mall, which is what I am planning to do this year 🙂
  3. I guess I’ve answered this before, but my answer won’t change my Jared is the best birthday gift I’ve ever had!
  4. A dream birthday celebration will be to be frolicking in the white sands of Boracay {or any beach, for that matter}, barefoot + clad in my swimsuit {which I hope I’ll fit into again or I might just have to buy a new one in a bigger size :(} lazily lounging in the shore sipping a glass of green mango shake + building sandcastles with my little tot {who is clad in his cute swimming trunks :)}.I wish I can afford to do that one day.
  5. For this year {like most years} I wish for good health for myself, my son, his dad + my entire family. I wish for HIS guidance so I can be the best mum that I can ever be. I wish that I’d have the best birthday ever this year. I also wish that I can find more ways to earn my keep online 😉
Now it is your turn to answer these birthday questions, I look forward to reading them 😉
Nice To Know You Wednesday is a weekly online q+a where we get to know each participants a little better through their answers + insights. Grab the badges here + don’t forget to include your urls in the linky below. Visiting all the participants {which I only have quite a few, for now} is also highly recommended. Leave your comment love so they’ll visit you back 😉
That’s it for now, Jared + I need to be somewhere this afternoon so I pray that it won’t rain. If I get lucky I’ll be able to write more posts later tonight + finish some projects I have on the side.
Have a great Thursday everybody + stay safe 😉

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  1. This year, there’s no celebration happened on my birthday. I was planning a trip to Bohol but due to unavoidable circumstances need to postponed that. But had a great time watching free OPM concert that night =)

    Oh, bdw Happy Birthday!

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