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I’ve mentioned on several occasions about my new found passion of collecting postcards.  I’ve joined this postcrossing site where you can swap with other postcard enthusiasts from anywhere in the world. I’m also a member of our little group in Facebook {which was put up by our very own Mommy Ruby + Mommy Willa}, the Postcrossing Enthusiasts group, where I get to keep in touch with people of like minds. We have members from other parts of the globe, too, like the Netherlands + Morocco.

As part of our swapping schemes, we are to send every birthday celebrant a birthday postcard {of course, it is not mandatory, but a lot of members have been sending birthday postcards since we’ve put our birthdays there!}. I’ve only sent a couple of these + plan to send one to each of the celebrants this September, just so I can put on a smile on their faces on their big days 🙂

Some members have sent me birthday postcards the past weeks + they totally put a big smile on my face when I received them. I am most touched by the sweet gesture + when I got these lovely pink Hello Kitty postcards from Mommy Clang, I just bawled over! They are the cutest, + bless her for being very thoughtful, she even sent me two of them!

Look how pretty my birthday postcards are:

They even came with these equally cute stamps:

Now, I’m wanting to go to Japan just so I can hoard on these kawaii cards 😛

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  1. oh dear, I’m a member and i forgot that there is this particular rule. will be sending you soon mommy vix. 🙂 nice postcards you got. Visiting from Pink Fridays.

    1. it is not naman compulsory sis, for those lang who’d like to send some, but will very much appreciate it if you’ll send one! Thanks in advanced! 🙂

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