postcrossing: el nido, palawan

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I did tell you I managed to buy some postcards a few weeks back + this is one of the lovely ones I managed to score. It is a beautiful photo of the enthralling El Nido in Palawan. I wish to go there someday. I find those rock formations simply fascinating.

According to, El Nido is a town + a marine reserve park found at the northen-most part of the island of Palawan + is 420 kilometers away from the South-West of Manila. It boasts of 250 million year-old limestone cliffs much like the one depicted in the postcard.

Simply beautiful, right?

Now, since it is the 1st day of my birthday month + I am feeling rather generous today, I’d love to share this postcard with you! I shall be giving away 10 pieces of this postcard to the first 10 commenters on this post. Simply leave a relevant comment then leave your mailing details through my contact form + viola! I shall be mailing the postcards as soon as I’ve completed the 10.

I will be waiting for comments, see yah! 😉

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    1. you are the first one to comment Mommy Clang, will be sending it as soon as i completed the 10. Thanks! Mwah!

    1. You’re the second one on the list Mommy Yuki 🙂
      By the way, got your postcard today, I love it. The stamps are great, too!

  1. wow, that’s a lovely card and i hope to see that amazing place someday! 🙂 i will be happy to have that card too…and happy birthday! 🙂

  2. I’d love to have this postcard, Sis Vix!
    I’ve been to Palawan three times already, but I haven’t been to El Nido. I’d love to go there next time.
    I believe you have my mailing details already. 😉

    1. You are fourth to comment, sis! Am just not sure if I have your details, do send them using my contact form, ayt? I’ll keep it handy so I won’t have to ask again next time, thanks 🙂

  3. I’ve never been to El Nido Palawan. I wish I could go there someday as well as in Puerto Princesa.

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