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It’s time again to say thanks to everyone who’ve been visiting us + leaving their comment love in our little space here + I would like to say a big “thank you” to each + everyone of my Top 10 commenters for the month of August. I will be putting the badges of the top 3 commenters on my sidebar as a token of my appreciation. Thanks so much!

gagay gagay (14) 
Mitchteryosa Mitchteryosa (11) 
Gene Gene (9) 
Shengkay Shengkay (7) 
dorry lyn dorry lyn (5) 
Jessica Jessica (5) 
May May (5) 
chiewilks chiewilks (4)
Filipino Recipes Filipino Recipes (4)
Ane Ane (3)

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  1. Hi, sis! Saying hi from FBU.

    Congrats on the Top Commentators! Sana mapadpad din sila sa blog ko. Hehe. You’re lucky to have avid readers.

    A blessed day to you! 🙂

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