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jared’s pink addiction

It has been awhile since I posted something pink +, thanks to my little man {who is busy tearing the room down as he plays}, I have a bit of a free time to came up with a blog post {or two, hopefully!} before he decides to pull me away from the computer again :)

One of the few things that my little Jared loves so much is this pink treat, Dutchmill, it is a milk yogurt strawberry-flavored drink which he just lurves to drink, about 3 times a day if he was in a row! He drinks it with too much gusto + enthusiasm that the whole pack will be gone after a few sips. If there is a Dutchmill-drinking contest, I will sign my baby up for it, am sure he will win first place :)

Just thinking pink on this rainy + gloomy Saturday morning….

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