jared’s pink addiction

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It has been awhile since I posted something pink +, thanks to my little man {who is busy tearing the room down as he plays}, I have a bit of a free time to came up with a blog post {or two, hopefully!} before he decides to pull me away from the computer again ­čÖé

One of the few things that my little Jared loves so much is this pink treat, Dutchmill, it is a milk yogurt strawberry-flavored drink which he just lurves to drink, about 3 times a day if he was in a row! He drinks it with too much gusto + enthusiasm that the whole pack will be gone after a few sips. If there is a Dutchmill-drinking contest, I will sign my baby up for it, am sure he will win first place ­čÖé

Just thinking pink on this rainy + gloomy Saturday morning….

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  1. Dropping by!
    Your son is cute! Reminds me of my son how he drinks his chocolate drinks in tetra packs. He just loved to sip and sip…
    Thanks for passing by my site ­čÖé

  2. Oh yes, that one is yummy! Pahingi baby!!! ­čÖé

    Doing my PF rounds. I welcome visits to my entries as well. If you already did, thank you so much! ­čÖé
    Shai’s Pianica
    DSi Starter Kit
    Aero Sweater
    Pink Blooms
    @ Eagle Cave
    Enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend! ­čÖé

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