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Note: I was not able to post this on time due to intermittent internet connection

Hello there everyone! Happy 1st of September. Yeah my favorite month of all finally said goodbye a few hours ago + guess what happened before August ends {which actually started whilst I was doing my NTKYW post yesterday + explains why I was not  able to post one this week :(}?

Wednesday afternoon, I lost my blog {yes, this very one!}, there has been problems with the host server for several days now + whilst I was mulling over the questions I will be posting for NTKYW’s last edition for August, I suddenly cannot access my blog + it was all gone from the WorldWideWeb. Of course, I was a few heartbeats away from breaking into a full panic mode. In the end, I just did not have the heart to find my beloved blog gone that I had to spend some time away from the computer. I was mulling over the sleepless nights + the amount of work + time that I spent for this blog + it is tugging at my heart to think of it gone.

So, just imagine my delight + surprise + relieve to find out it was all up + running again when I logged in several hours before midnight yesterday! Whew! That was close! So lesson learned. I will now back-up this baby daily for safe measure, which I suggest you do too!

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  1. I can totally relate sis, it is every bloggers dilemma much more if it chronicles the life and love of your life…..

    I am glad that its back and you are OK too…

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