of buying our own house

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Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

One of my aspirations as a mum is to buy our own house so Jared can have a place he can totally call his own, + pardon me for thinking way too forward, so that he will have his own place once he decides to start a family of his own. ūüėČ I know, too early to think about that, my son just turned 2 two days ago, after all! But what can I say? Mummies like me tend to think ahead of ourselves.

We were able to see several house model units last summer when one of the villages here in our city had an open-house. We’ve seen a few two-storey model houses that may just be perfect for us to start our own nest.

What I loved about this village + its model units are:

  • community – the village is a total package in one, it includes a park {where Jared + I can go for a morning walk or run}, a playground {where the little man can spend his lazy afternoon playing} and even provide shuttle service for houses located at the innermost part of the village
  • proximity – this village is located in one of the prime spots in the city + is just one karatig {that is our local take of the Jeepney} ride away from the government offices and business establishments in the city center, the churches, schools + the Post Office. It is also just a door away from the grocers
  • security – for the residents’ peace of mind, roving guards man the village round the clock. It is also flood-free {a very important point to consider when looking to buy a home}
I totally enjoyed taking a look at those fancy model units. I only wish I’d win the lottery so that I can buy one of them as soon as I can. Maybe I can even buy one of those Missouri homes for sale while I am at it ūüėČ

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