Saturday 9: Tuesday Afternoon

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1. Where will you be and doing this Tuesday afternoon? At home, packing + getting ready to move houses, I bet.

2. Do you belong to any group(s)? just the online ones 🙂

3. Do you feel energized or drained by being in a group situation? (If the answer is “it depends,” on what does it depend?)  I feel energized being part of a group, it is my only knack at a social life as of the moment.

4. Is there a role you naturally put yourself while adapting when in group situations? Am just always the follower! 

5. In business or formal situations, do you mind hugs or are you offended if it goes past a handshake? It actually depends on the person giving me a hug, if it is someone I’ve known for quite some time, a hug will be more than welcome.

6. Do you find what we’d call “ice breakers” a playful way to build community in a lighthearted manner, or a complete and utter hell of forced fun and awkwardness? It definitely does magic most of the time.

7. What word do you use far too frequently? No! For my uber energetic little one to stop playing in the fridge or jumping from the bed down or putting our house in shambles! But of course, a healthy amount of  “I love you’s” completes that.

8. What word do you use not frequently enough? If am not using it enough, I am probably oblivious to the word.

9. What word do you use when swearing is not appropriate? Shoot! or Fart! or Sheesh!

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