this is my shirt story

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wearing my shirt at the recent 30 Seconds To Mars concert

While most women opt for a much dressy top, I’ve always preferred a shirt, either a plain one or one with a little design in the front, or what they call statement shirts, regardless of which color it comes in, but I’d often go for Black or White. Its simplicity appeals much to me and I think it goes very well with my personality, too. And, being a mother to a very energetic tot, a simple shirt offers the optimum convenience and the best comfort. I simply can’t picture myself running after my little man clad in one of those tight and body-hugging complicated blouses! It’s simply next to impossible!

at the Nuffnang's Transformer 3 screening with blogger friends, Marco + Divine

One of my favorite black shirts is this one which I’ve ordered online from a fellow blogger, KCat. It has been with me for only a few months but I’ve worn it on numerous occasions. I simply love this shirt because:

  • It has a very lovely design + the color purple is my favorite shade, too!
  • It fits me just right + considering that it is black, it still is very comfortable to wear
  • I just love the fabric
  • + more importantly, I love the message that this shirt signifies. It tells of a story of one brave young woman I’ve known through blogging. It tells about her personal battles + struggles + her victories to overcome them. It also tells about her efforts to help + inspire others who are in despair
  • Lastly, I love this shirt so much because it reminds me that I can help and make a difference in someone’s life in my own little way.
It will be very hard to part with this shirt since it has become one of my favorites, but giving it away to someone who needed the inspiration + the strength this shirt represents much more than I do will be another way of helping in little ways I know how. It will also be one good way of adding another dimension to Kcat’s advocacy + it is impossible to pass on that chance.
my siblings + a friend bought one of these shirts too!

I love this shirt! Now I want someone else to love it too! I support the Electrolux Wash-athon Clothes Donation Advocacy.

What is your shirt story?

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    1. thank you sis! shirts are really the most comfy especially to mums like us. + yes, it is very convenient in hiding away the bulge 🙂

  1. At dahil nabura ang comment ko before, uulitin ko ulit ang sinabi ko. Hehe.

    Bagay sa iyo ang black t-shirts, sis! Ang swerte ni sis Kat at ni-promote mo ang biz nya. Hehe. Ako rin like ko ang black shirts. Nakakapayat kasi.

    Happy Monday!

    1. Thanks so much sis. I plan to buy a new shirt from Kcat, after I give this one away, so I am hitting 2 birds with one stone, really. I hope you can check out Kcat’s shirts + get some, too 🙂

  2. Ang galing naman, mga bago ang ido-donate mo! 🙂 The shirt is really nice. I also prefer comfy wear kaya bugbog na mga tshirt ko dito. nakakahiya nang i-donate.

    1. hindi na po cya bago, i’ve worn this several times, am just thinking if i donate this + buy another one from Kcat, I will be hitting 2 birds with 1 stone, diba? 🙂

    1. that is really the reason why i chose to donate this shirt. to help out + help to spread the shirt’s advocacy, too. thanks

  3. I love wearing tees too because they are comfy and they fit just right.. 😀

    I think purple on black just looks awesome! 😀

    1. i agree with you 100%, purple + black are just the perfect combination, maybe that is why i love this shirt so much 😀

  4. Great choice sis! Di lang bagay sayo, nakatulong ka pa kay kat.

    I also have the same shirt but unfortunately the size that I got for myself was too small haha!

    Btw, off-topic, I have an ongoing contest here where I will be giving away 3 of what you are wearing here.

  5. Nice shirt mommy vix! I go for black shirt din since nakaka-slim, hehehe. Mukhang ikaw naman eh wala ng mga fats na itatago eh 😀

  6. The Black shirt looks good on you sis. and we also feel comfortable wearing the shirt we bought if we can help someone di ba. I’ve heard about kcat advocacy over at PMC before. she is a fighter.

  7. T-shirts evolved from being just a mere undergarment to being something that is fashionable nowadays. It used to be only worn by mens and boys but through time, it has become the statement of clothing for women alike. Why we liked it? ‘coz of its versatility, its comfy and there are lots of styles to choose from.
    Great choice you got there, no matter what, it is YOU!

  8. I guess I should start wearing more tees in preparation to be a mommy? 🙂 Nice story. I know it would be hard to let go of a favorite shirt 🙂

  9. Wow! I’ve heard about KCAT a long time ago when I was still active in Multiply. A great shirt with a great story. Truly remarkable.

  10. These are very nice shirts indeed. Yes tee-shirts are more comfortable to wear than any other type of clothes. And besides, it looks good on you mommy Vix! 😉

  11. I too love that shirt though I have yet to buy one but I’m sure I’ll get one pretty soon. I just hope they have baby/toddler sizes too so we can wear it as a family.

  12. Giving it away is a big sacrifice on your part. Nevertheless, I agree that it gives you another chance to spread Kcat’s advocacy to others. Stay pretty!

  13. I know of the story of KCat and I admire you for supporting her cause. I’m sure whoever received your shirt will be doubly inspired, by KCat and by you.

  14. I admire KCat too. The first time I read about her story, I cried… not because of pity because that’s the last emotion I’ll even think of feeling towards her. She’s a perfect example of how we should live our lives. I love her! 🙂

    And I love that this is the shirt you’re giving. The story behind the inspiration of the shirt is just heartwarming. And I hope the one who’ll receive this will learn about KCat’s story, too.

    Good luck, sis Vix! 🙂

  15. angganda ng shirt and I also love the design 🙂 ganun talaga pag mommies, nagiging cowboys tayo at mas nahihilig sa tshirts instead of fancy blouses 🙂 Goodluck sis!

  16. Same here, when it comes to shirt I go for black.. =p

    I know KCat too. I really admire her positive attitude and I applaud you for supporting her cause.

  17. Love the shirt’s color and the advocacy behind it. You said it right being a mom is like a runner, jogger, referee all in one, aside from the usual manager-cook-lava role 🙂 being a mum

    Good luck on your endeavors 🙂

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