This mum is $5 richer, thank you Momgen!

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I was so lucky to win a couple of giveaways last month {my birthday month}, including Momgen Small Giveaway. + although I did not get to win any of the make-up items or the lovely handmade cards that Momgen sells on her Etsy shop, I got to win $5 + it made my Paypal account happy! ūüėÄ

See the manual raffle Momgen + her cute son, Chris, did last August 06 here. This is my second time to win in her giveaways as I won a couple of beautiful cards + a pair of lovely pearl earrings from her last summer, too. Which reminds me, I have yet to post it here! Akk! I have quite a number of giveaway winnings so expect a rain of thank you posts if I find enough time.

Thanks again, Mogen + I hope to win again in your future giveaway! ūüôā

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