tuesday travel: summer in september?

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Now the rainy season is upon us again + this mum is stuck in the house on weekends because it was raining most of the time, I am missing summer the most. Although Jared enjoys watching the drip drop of rainfall from our bedroom window + it is so much inviting to dose off to sleep during the cold months, don’t you just wish it will be summer half the year, so we can all go to the beach as much as we want + as long as we can? I do!

I discovered the joys of being in the beach later in life as we do not normally go on those summer trips as a family when I was younger {except for the company outings together with my Papa’s co-employees, that is!} + I regret that I did not discover it much sooner + bought as many pairs of bathing suit as I can! 😀

Anyway, the photo above was taken some years ago when Jared’s dad + I went to Puerto Galera, all by ourselves. It was just a quick weekend getaway + we almost failed to get an accommodation since we got there at about 5pm + everything is occupied. It was a good thing we found this house, about 20 minutes away from the beach. Not the best place, I tell you, but we only need a place to stay at night so we can turn in. We were out the entire day beach combing, working on our tan + swimming {or something that closely resembles that, in my case ;)}

Oh, well, maybe we can go to the beach another time before this year ends.

This is my Tuesday Travel tale, what is yours?

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  1. I prefer summer over rainy days too. Haven’t been to Puerto Galera yet. I wish i can get there someday soon. My Tuesday travels entry is up.

  2. Until now I am not a beach person…one of the grandmas at my son’s school asked me why can’t he swim well and I said because I can’t too 😀 And she was shocked “you live in a country surrounded by sea and you can’t swim well? ” lol. I took the sea for granted I guess…. 🙂

  3. That must have been a very nice dip! The water is so serene and I am jealous of it! Lol.

    I have my not-so-wet entry but definitely fun and healthy! Check it out if you got a chance! Thanks!

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