weekend blog follower caravan 23: facebook likes

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I am jump-starting my Monday by joining the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan. This week we are to do a rounds of Facebook Fanpage Likes, so be ready with your widgets + buttons + let us all have fun exploring + following new Fanpages. If you are an old-time I bet you know how this game works + if you are a newbie, kindly check out our lovely host’s welcome post for details + instructions.

So, I welcome you all to my little nook in the worldwideweb, newbie + old-timers alike, please feel free to browse around. The Facebook widget is just somewhere there in my side bar. Don’t forget to leave your comments as I look forward to reading them, plus it let’s me know sooner that you followed. I will be more than delighted to return the favor. My GFC + subscribers’ widget is also just in my sidebar, if you will indulge me 😉

The Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a weekly blogger-helping-another blogger meme hosted by OnlineBiz  + Resources. This week’s sponsors are Pink Memoirs and Postcard Enthusiast.

Happy Monday + have fun hopping mums! 😉

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