weekend blog followers caravan #22

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Weekend Blog Follower Caravan 22

WBFC is back again for this week {I have just finished following all the participants from last week’s} + the task at hand is Twitter Follow! I would really appreciate it if you can follow me via Twitter, simply click on that little birdie:

If you have been a long time participant, I guess you know the drill by heart already, otherwise, you can always check out our lovely host’s welcome post for details. + do not forget that by joining you do not only gain new followers, but you also get a chance to win some cash prizes, which, for this week, is brought to us by our sponsors Mom Shares and Green Home Elements.

So, make that welcome post, quick + join our caravan!

Happy Wednesday everyone 😉

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  1. Hi, sis! Followed you on Twitter! As of the moment, I don’t join any memes because I don’t have extra time talaga. But once I do, sasali ako dito. 🙂

    Have a nice day, sis!

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