christmas gift ideas for children: disney graphic novels

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Christmas is just around the corner + I know, this early, a lot of us mums are taking downs + gathering ideas on what to give our children {including our inaanaks} on this most important holiday of all.

Gift Idea #1: Disney Graphic Novel 

A lot of our children are into those lovely + fun Disney characters + what better way to nurture this love but by giving them these colorful graphic novels as Christmas presents. You can choose from a wide variety of Disney movies, including  Toy Story 2, Ratatouille, Wall-E, + our personal favorites, Up + Cars.

+, if you know for certain that your little ones will be delighted to get these for Christmas, now is the most opportune time to get them some, as one of those groupon sites is offering these graphic novel at 57% off! Check out the deal here.

I am definitely getting one, as my little man will really be delighted to see Russell or Lightning McQueen when he opened one of his gifts come Christmas day 🙂

Note: I shall be back with more Christmas gift ideas for our little ones as I scour the worldwideweb for deals + amazing toys both mums + kiddos will love 🙂

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