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This is my entry to the Week 21 of the Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways. This week’s prize is $10 Paypal credits from Shydub of Impulsive Shopper.

This early, am sure loads of mums are getting busy doing early Christmas shopping to avoid the hustle + bustle come December + avoid the proverbial Christmas rush, too! I cannot blame them really, as shopping during the holiday season can really be twice harder + difficult compared to shopping during a normal, regular day. It can sometimes spell disaster or may be equated to one major headache, either of which none of us wants to deal with, am sure!

Here are a few tips + tricks for one convenient + stress-free Holiday shopping:

  1. To make the most of your budget, check out the malls pre-Christmas season sale where you can buy loads of potential gift items come Christmas day. Most of these products are sold at 50-70% off so you will really have more value for your money if you do all your shopping around this time
  2. If braving this mall-wide sale, make sure to leave the little ones at home or if you can’t, at least have another companion so you will be sure someone can keep an eye on your tot while either of you browse the shops or the displays
  3. Leave your credit cards at home so you can only spend the budget you have set aside for this shopping. You wouldn’t want to be knee-deep in debt in the New Year, right? Or, worse, ending up buying stuff you won’t really need just because they are on sale + you have the money to purchase them?
  4. When buying toys for kiddos, make sure to get age-appropriate ones + check the labels if they passed standards on safety + quality. You wouldn’t want to be giving out toxic toys to your children or godchildren, do you?
  5. To avoid the Christmas rush, do your shopping at the end of October or mid-November. Malls won’t be as packed compared to doing it in the later part of November or in December, when these places will be filled with shoppers
  6. For your shopping convenience, you can also check out online shops where you can browse through wide array of items + products in the comfort of your living room. You might just have to add a small amount for shipping fee but what’s a few bucks compared to the stress + the headache {not to mention muscle ache if you decide to tag the toddler along!} you will avoid in the process. A cheap trade, really!
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  1. thanks for these nice tips sis.

    Anyway, thanks for joining in the Week 21 of the Techie She Weekly Giveaways. Hope you can also join the Christmas giveaway in my other blog, Georyl.com where 22 winners will win cash prizes.

    regards and good luck!

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