A healthy deal is something that is not only beneficial for you + your family’s health but is also easy on your pocket. It might be the latest medical breakthrough or the most recent vaccine formulated. Or it could be a Conventional Gel Tooth Whitening Plus Free Other Dental Services which you can get at 46% off, too!

As for me, nothing really beats a good night’s sleep to chase away the blues + the diseases away +, ultimately, to let this tired mum rest + relax. It helps me regenerate  + recharge so I can carry on with my 24/7 mum job the next day. That is my very inexpensive fool-proof healthy deal.

Expert on Healthy deals, I am not, but I would love to learn a few tricks of the trade + hopefully grab some bargains, too, that is why it is a good thing I stumbled upon  Healthy Deals Philippines {or also known as HealthyDeals.ph} + as their opening salvo they are offering “What’s a Healthy Deal?” Bloggers Raffle Contest where a lucky blogger can win an iPad 2! This contest runs until the 21st of October.

To know more about healthy deals + more details about the giveaway, do not forget to visit their site now. Simply click on any of the links above. You can also get in touch with HealthyDeals by following them through:

  • Facebook Fanpage – https://www.facebook.com/HealthyDeals.ph
  • Twitter – https://twitter.com/#!/healthydeals_ph 

Let us all be healthy mums!

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