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I bought loads of these fairy tale books to be given away to my godchildren last Christmas from Learning is Fun {where I have signed up as a dealer}. Even my sisters asked me to get them some so they can give them away as gifts, too. Aren’t they the loveliest, hard-bound + very affordable, too!

The very pink books feature our most-loved fairy tales, including these ones on the photo, Cinderella + Goldilocks. I believe books are the most interesting things you can give to children {aside from toys, of course} as this will not only promote learning + entertain them as well, but it will also prove beneficial to expose them to reading + the love of books at a younger age. I want my son to be a book lover, too, so I am exposing him to different books this early 🙂

Anyway, these books are supposed to be gifts to 2 lovely daughters of two of my mummy blogger friends. Unfortunately, I was not able to ship them just yet as when I went to the courier, they refused to ship the other items {it has liquid on it} that are supposed to be included in the package. I tried placing them on cardboard boxes {which my brother made especially for me} but the courier still refuse to accept them + I did not have the chance to go around + scour the city much in search for another courier service, so my sincerest apologies to sis Sheng {I was suppose to ship this in time for you + the little ones birthday :(} + Sigrid.  I will see to it that I ship them before the month ends.

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  1. I love the books, very pretty 🙂 Definitely my daughter wants them if she sees it, great stories too, visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too

    Happy Tuesday,

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