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Back in the days, my yoga mat is one of my most prized possession {I know, am such a cheapskate, I nearly cannot afford all the other expensive stuff anyway! :)}, mainly because it represents a whole lot of things that meant so much too me – my thriving yoga practice {I am purely self-thought, educating myself with books, dvds + yoga episodes featuring Richard Yee on Oprah } + my journey towards being one in body, thoughts + spirit!

It has been ages since I stepped into my yoga mat to carry on with my practice. I reckon I am not as agile and flexible as I once been. But I am so rearing to practice on my poses again. I remember it was my New Year’s goal to get back to Yoga, but, alas, I nearly had the time + the energy to do just that. I’ve been busy with my childminding duties + all.

Nowadays, my pink yoga mat {which was given by my teammate, Meg, in one of our team’s Christmas party exchange gifts} serves a whole new different purpose – a play mat for my son. I’d roll it out int he balcony so Jared + his band of stuff toys can have something to sit on. I guess, the little man prefer it better than his other playmats.

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