P100 to Spare for Typhoon Pedring Victims

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Donate P100 To Typhoon Pedring victims

What can you buy with 100 bucks? A meal at your favorite fast food joint, several pieces of postcards for your hobby, an MRT prepaid card, several-days’ worth of mobile phone top ups, maybe? It might not amount to much + there are only too few things you can purchase with it but if you want your P100 to go the extra mile, why not donate it to the¬†victims of ¬†Typhoon Pedring in my province + other badly-affected areas here in Central Luzon {I posted about it here}?

Your P100 donation will go to fund the relief + disaster operations of the Philippine Red Cross. This is a simple way for you to give back to the society + help out those who are in need.

For more information on this deal + how you can help, check out this site.

Thousands upon thousands of people are living in evacuation centers, waiting for food + for help + with no capacity to earn a living for their loved ones + families. I know that they will appreciate your help + that they will thank you from the bottom of their hearts.


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