the return of bc bloggers

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Back in the days, when this mum is just a struggling newbie blogger, I stumbled upon this blogging club, the BC Bloggers, on numerous occasions + always wondered how I can join the group. I so love joining blogging memes + groups, + I thought it would be cool to be part of this one, plus I really love their cute badge + having it on my sidebar would probably make my blog supercool! ūüėÄ

I did search for ways on how I can be part of it, but sadly I came across a blank wall + a blog telling me that the group is closed for new members. My heart broke, but don’t worry I recovered + went to join numerous other blog groups around!

So, you can just probably imagine my delight when I found out that BC Bloggers is back! I immediately signed up to become a member + what’s even greater news is that you can do just that! That way, you will get to link with a lot of awesome blogs out there + will never have to beg for backlinks ever again!

To join us, simply sign up here!

I’ll see you around, then ūüėČ

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