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I have found these adorable wooden toys for children whilst I was browsing through my Facebook page one time. I immediately fell in love with the wooden train toy. Jared will love it to bits as he is fascinated with anything that has wheels on them. These will be “cars” for him, in the meantime, as he refers to most vehicles that way. The wooden toy {which sells at P220 per set} train set comes with numbers on top which I believe will be very helpful in teaching my tot his numbers. They can also be disconnected + re-attach which ought to aid little children to use their fingers and practice their grip.

toys, christmas, gifts, children, shopping

I have been scouring online shops for toys like these so I just had to get some for my little man. I also got him this wooden bed maze {P180}, which ought to help him develop his logical + critical thinking. I also got him a wooden puzzle {P120} appropriate for his age. These puzzles come in very engaging designs like animals, insects, airplane {the one I got for Jared} + construction.

What is good about these toys, apart from being affordable, is that they are educational, safe, + more importantly non-toxic {tested by EN71, which is the European Standard safety requirement for children}.

There is also a wide array of toy designs to choose from. Aside from what I have mentioned, these are also available:

  • Wooden toy clock with shape sorter {P340 per set}
  • Wooden tool truck toy {P360}
  • Tool box {P500}, +
  • Geometric box {P300}
What’s even better is you can pay thru Paypal, so check out Mummy Jem’s site to reserve your orders now :)
images from https://www.esupermommy.com
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