christmas gift ideas for mum part 1: mom 2/7 planner

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Mum has too many stuff on her plate all at the same time + scheduling her tasks and to-do list is of paramount importance so she can continue to be the super-mum that she has always been.

One perfect Christmas gift for mum this year is Mommy Mundo’s The Mom 24/7 Planner. It is a 6×8-inch hardbound, spiral planner for the jill-of-all-trades in our lives. It contains special planning pages that has space for mum’s + kiddos’ schedule, too. It has slots for mum’s different concerns + roles + a special portion for our to-do lists, as well.

This planner will help mum perform her multiple jobs more efficiently + in a very organized manner, with pages for the grocery lists, health information (for mum, dad + kids {up to 3 children)}, for party planning + even family vacation plans.

What’s even better news is anyone who is a Mommy Mundo Passport holder (or applies for one on or before November 11, 2011}  can get this new planner for free. Simply place your order + pick up your copy of  The Mom 24/7 Planner at Mommy Mundo Bazaar on November 19 + 20, where it will be launched and available.

Visit Mommy Mundo’ site, for more information.

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    1. too bad sis, you need to pick up the planner at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar on November 19 + 20. If you have a friend in Manila who is a Mommy Mundo Passport holder, maybe you can ask her to get a copy for you 🙂

  1. wala eh:( uhuhuh maybe next time, ibang planner nalang muna ang tatargetin ko na magamit para sa incoming year, 2012 ehehe

    1. the planner will also be available at the bazaar + at selected shops after the Bazaar at P350, sis, if you like maybe I can buy for you. there is no way kasi i can get 2 free planners, kc strictly one planner per cardholder only 🙁

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