Tips + Tricks: Create A User-Friendly Website For Online Shopping Convenience

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Since I became a stay-at-home mum I really took pleasure in visiting a number of online shops + doing my window shopping online, in the safety of my living room. If I had a dime for every time I checked out an online shop or two in between updating my blogs + doing other online tasks, I would probably be rich by now. Apart from the fact that they are oh-so-easy to access {it only takes a few clicks of your mouse} + the shopping convenience they offer to busy mums out there, or to mums like me who hardly have the time to actually go out + shop, they also provide special feature so shoppers can pay for their purchases online, too. What more can you really ask for, right?

But not most of these online shopping trips are successful. Sometimes, I find the website too complicated for a simple mum like me to navigate that I get easily discouraged to browse around, + abandon my shopping halfway, or much more purchase anything.

Let’s face it, not most of the online shoppers are that tech-savvy or well adept with the ways of the world wide web. Maybe these online shop owners should bear in mind to create a website that is user-friendly to encourage their new + old patrons to keep visiting +, ultimately, buying their products.

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A user-friendly website in my opinion need to have:

  • an interface that is very easy to navigate even for the most techie noob in all of us
  • a short tutorial available at a click for anyone who wants it
  • a very inviting, yet practical design. Shoppers are not stopping by to check out fancy backgrounds + special effects, anyway!
  • a simple color scheme that won’t leave shoppers squinting to read some valuable information
  • a convenient online pay system that is very easy for anyone to use
In this age of computer and technology, a website can make or break a business, won’t you agree?

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    1. waah, hindi po expert, pero i’ve done a number of online shopping here + there, mostly for kids stuffs + 50% off vouchers to restaurants, etc. My latest buy are discounted tickets to Ocean Park! 🙂

  1. Shopping online has its own pros and cons depending on the person accessing the site.

    I thinks, webmasters of these online shops should create alternate access for those who have no further experience on this kind of venue so they could entice more people to use their online feature.

    1. I agree with you on that, I think it is quite arrogant to assume that every online shopper is well-versed with computer + the internet + all its complex processes.. 🙂

  2. i am distracted to online stores which has a lot of borloloy. For me the simple, the better, kung baga you can easily go straight to what you want, click and buy 🙂

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