december, weddings, December is not only the time for Christmas Holidays, parties, raffles + exchange gifts, vacations + family reunions, not to mention holiday shopping + the proverbial Christmas rush, it is also a very popular choice for most couples to wed here in the Philippines. Contrary to popular belief, it is the month of December, + not June, that most couples would choose to exchange their wedding vows. We can probably blame it on the weather or the infectious festive atmosphere that seems to grab on anyone.

Since December is really such a busy month, I can only imagine the stress and worries, not to mention the jitters brought about by a looming wedding, that a December bride has to go through. Maybe she’d skip shopping for gifts for families + friends to look at  best wedding photography in search of the best photographers to do her wedding photos. Maybe instead of shopping for Christmas decorations and goodies, she would rather browse at numerous bridal hair style photographed online to choose which one will look best on her on the day of her wedding. I bet even if she ought to get enough sleep for a much-needed beauty rest, she lies wide awake at night, envisioning the day itself, her walk down the aisle + her much-awaited exchange of vows with her lifelong sweetheart, wishing all along that everything will run smoothly making the day a perfect day, not only for the bride, but for everyone in attendance.

Getting married in December can really pose some major health issues and unnecessary pressure, but I don’t think that will stop those who dreamed of becoming a December bride from having their dream wedding in December, right? I won’t really know for sure, I have always dreamed of being a May bride :)

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